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sophisticated knowledge was founded at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Boston/Cambridge, Massachusetts.  We are now located in Berlin, Germany. We carry out research and consulting where language and neurobiology meet. Our neurosemantic maps of the USA and Germany connect language, emotions and behavior and thereby serve a better understanding of purchasing decisions of people than ever before. We believe that only interdisciplinary thinking and cooperation can produce the best possible results for our clients. Therefore we combine psychology, anthropology, neurobiology and marketing in order to consult our clients and deliver solutions on the base of the latest research in those fields. The result of our own research are our neurosemantic maps of Germany and the USA where we connect neurobiology and big data for the first time. Our maps show the emotional world created by our language, thus representing the underlying reality of social relations. We connect big data with neurobiology and communication for any brand, product or service. sophisticated knowledge represents an international and diverse team of neuroscientists, historians, brand experts and screen writers and is therefore well prepared to deliver extraordinary results.

Felix Philipp Lutz has been working in neuromarketing for many years. He has been working in different positions in marketing and branding in consulting firms (head of trends and brands department at Roland Berger Market Research, Germany, head of department including public policy, health, new technologies and consumer forecasting at PROGNOS AG, Basel, Switzerland). For several years, he gathered extensive experience in the field of neuromarketing with the Munich-based consulting firm “Gruppe Nymphenburg”. He was CEO of the “International Business School” in Berlin (now EBC Hochschule), a private university, where he introduced neuromarketing into the curriculum of the bachelor program . From 2009 until 2013 he was a research affiliate at Harvard University focusing on neuro-anthropological branding and developing the neurosemantic map.

A historian of culture at Harvard’s Center for European Studies, John Czaplicka taught at German and American universities including Harvard, Amherst College, Humboldt University in Berlin, and the University of Hamburg. His publications have considered a broad range of topics including Americanism in Germany, commemorative practices in Europe, and urban history and design in East-Central Europe. His expertise in cultural history helps us identify the economic, societal or cultural base of any commodity or product in a given society.

Michael Haas worked for international PR agencies supporting the communications of numerous international technology companies for many years. Besides working for sophisticated knowledge, he is currently teaching at the KZ-Gedenkstätte Dachau in Munich.

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